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The ALT PROTEIN CRC bid will be submitted in round 24 (expected late 2022)


Opportunities to participate in the ALT PROTEIN CRC remain open until submission. For further information on how to be involved please contact the bid team. 

ALT PROTEINS R&D Deep Dive - On November 15 2022 at the University of Sydney, Future Alternative and the ALT PROTEIN CRC hosted a R&D Deep Dive conference to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the alternative protein food industry. 

The "Future-Proofing Alt Proteins" Deep Dive event was a great success, providing unique insight into the nuances of alt protein R&D, with industry leaders discussing the most significant obstacles and opportunities. 


The R&D Deep Dive addressed a number of key themes that businesses in the alt protein industry have to contend with, including:

  • Sustainability and ESG

  • Nutrition

  • The Regulatory Environment

  • Collaborations


Many Industry Leaders attended discussing key topics:

The NSW Government's Support of Innovation in the Food Industry & CRCs 

  • Jaclyn Aldenhoven, A/Director Strategy & Programs (Future Industries), Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer

Industry R&D Needs

  • Kristi Riordan, co-founder & CEO, Harvest B

  • Graham Smith, Director, Grower Group Alliance

R&D Capabilities & Working with Research Providers     

  • Michelle Colgrave, Future Protein Mission Leader, CSIRO

  • Prof. Fariba Dehghani, Director, Centre for Advanced Food Engineering, University of Sydney

  • Fern Ho, co-founder & CEO, The Leaf Protein Co

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes le Coutre, Professor Food & Health, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW

  • Sam Perkins, CEO, Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA)

Regulatory & Nutrition Frameworks

  • Glen Neal, General Manager of Risk Management and Intelligence, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

  • Anneline Padayachee, Director, The Food and Nutrition Doctor

Sustainability for Alt Proteins

  • Janet Salem, Director, FootPrint Labs

  • Mengyu Li, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Integrated Sustainability Analysis, University of Sydney

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